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Pacific Coast Highway Traveller's Guide

ia Ora and Haere Mai. We hope you enjoy this Guide. The Pacific Coast Highway Guide is now
in the 58th year of publishing. With constant improvements it has become the most respected and
comprehensive source of information covering the East Coast, an invaluable tool for any tourist INTRODUCTION
K travelling in this region. For sheer natural beauty, magnificent scenery and many places of historical
significance the Opotiki and East Coast District is unparalleled anywhere in New Zealand. Welcome to
the Eastland section of the Pacific Coast Highway, you are now officially “off-the-beaten-track”. As you
journey through this beautiful region with it’s spectacular scenery, you will encounter friendly local people.
The GUIDE is produced to be read North to South (Whakatane to Napier) but can be used in reverse
by starting at the back.
Leaving Whakatane (travelling from North to South) you will skirt the picturesque Ohiwa Harbour before
reaching the long undeveloped beaches at Waiotahe and Tirohanga. From Opotiki you have two choices
- the route south via the Waioeka Gorge travels through a beautiful river valley flanked by native forests
OR travelling east from Opotiki on SH35 is longer but enchanting. This area, affectionately called “The
Coast” by the locals, has a high Maori population and you will see many Marae with ornately carved
gateways. Gisborne is a picturesque city with some beautiful beaches and allow some time to visit some of
the excellent local wineries. Travelling further south to the river town of Wairoa, there are several more side
trips available on your journey.
The Pacific Coast Highway continues on a further 118km to the Art Deco city of Napier.We are
proud of this region that we love, and know that you will fall in love with it as well, enjoy your stay
- Opotiki & District 10,000 Club.

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